Halo-halo (Razon’s style) with Star Anise by MJ Geneta



Every summer, the young and old alike find kiosks that sell halo-halo or “mix-mix.” The dessert is a concoction of beans, nata de coco, corn, gelatin, bananas, macapuno, ube, pinipig and leche flan. Apart from a perfect cooler and drink, the ingredients reflect the indigenization of the original “kakigori” from Japan.


The origin of halo-halo can be linked to the pre-war Japanese who preserved beans like mongo, garbanzos, and kidney beans in thick syrup served on crushed ice— thus, the original ingredients of “kakigori.” It is similar to a snow cone in that it is sweetened with condensed milk, syrup and sweetener but is eaten with a spoon just like the Filipino version.

As for my personal attempt to infuse an herb in this halo-halo recipe, I have tried adding star anise to the milk mixture because star anise is known to be good with milk and other beverages, including hot chocolate.

To share with you what I did, here is the recipe:


2 pieces star anise

3 tbsp of sweetened plantains (saba)

3 tbsp of sweetened macapuno (sweetened coconut strips)

3 tbsp of leche flan (crème caramel custard)

2 cups of shaved or crushed ice

¼ cup evaporated milk

2 tbsp of brown or white sugar


Warm milk and infuse star anise. Caramelize the saba with sugar. Take a glass, then put sugar, the caramelized saba, macapuno, then add the crushed ice. Top it with leche flan (crème caramel custard) then pour the infused milk.








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